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Type of operations

Budner Inwestycje Sp. z o.o. [a limited-liability company] is a member company of the BUDNER Capital Group, an investor operating in the real property sector.
With twenty-five years of industry experience, we have developed an established image of proven and trusted investor and developer. Experience, trustworthiness and innovative approach are our distinctive qualities.

The rich experience we have gained, the professional staff, and the trust we have won among our customers all contribute to the foundation of our market position. Our workers have been enhancing their competencies and skills over the years, so as to ensure top quality of customer service and project delivery. The background of our staff is the companies that for years operated under the aegis of BUDNER S.A. [a joint-stock company], which (after the new Shareholders and Management Board took office) was restructured and renamed into Fundamental Group S.A.
Our focus is delivery of residential projects and commercial facilities across Poland.

26 years on the market

Over 150 investments have been made

Why trust us?

We work on commission of investors and create projects of our own. We normally start by searching the realty and analysing it for its development/management potential in line with the zoning and/or land development plan or the Polish Spatial Planning and Land Development Act. Once our contracting party – the prospective investor(s) or tenant(s) – has confirmed their interest in the site and location, we deliver the project and obtain the requisite building permits. In parallel, we develop a business plan and the project’s funding structure based on our own funds, funding provided by external investors or bankers. With the building permit received, we carry out the project in collaboration with specialised contractors.

The contractors are selected through a tender procedure, among reliable enterprises with the right references and financial guarantees. Once constructed, the facility or structure – depending on the type of project – is delivered to the tenants or sold to the investor.

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