Bialystok Coach Station construction kicks off

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Bialystok Coach Station construction kicks off

Wednesday, March 1, saw the signature of a notarial deed between PKS Nova and Budner for vesting the latter with perpetual usufruct on 45% of the area situated at Bohaterów Monte Cassino St. In exchange for the area thus received, Budner will demolish the old long-distance bus terminal complex and build a new coach station complex there. Two not-too-large shopping malls will emerge within the area provided to the Contractor.

The completion of the contract was announced at a press conference by Jerzy Leszczyński, Marshal of Podlaskie Province (Voivodship); Cezary Sieradzki, Chairman of the Board, PKS Nova; and Marek Budner, Chairman, Budner Sp. z o.o. The meeting was moreover attended by Bogdan Dyjuk, Member of the Podlaskie Province Board; Leszek Lulewicz, Head of the Transport and Infrastructure Department; and Mieczysław Baszko, MP, former Marshal of the Province, the one who originally initiated the project.

“Lastly, with five months of diverse adversities behind us, a contract has been signed for the delivery of one of the city’s most expected investment projects”, Mr. Leszczyński said at the conference. “The new coach station complex will be very well networked with the downtown area and the railway station, which is a piece of really good news for the travellers: lastly, having waited long years, they will be served according to civilised standards. The new facility is also impatiently expected by PKS Nova workers and management team: this is going to be their new headquarters.”

The work is due to kick off within a week. As Marek Budner says, construction of the coach-station complex is the priority task. The first to go are bus-stop shelters, to be followed by the main station building. Ticket offices and a waiting room will be provided on the ground level, the offices and rest/refreshment facilities will be placed upstairs. The coach-operation section is expected to be made operational this October; the project is due to complete by March 2018. Two shopping and service-outlet buildings will be built in the Investor-managed area.

As per the contract, the cost of construction of the new coach-station complex must not exceed the value of the area sold to Budner. In exchange for completion of the project, the Contractor receives perpetual usufruct of 45% of the area at Bohaterów Monte Cassino St. The idea have a new bus terminal constructed for Bialystok was initiated in 2015 by Mieczysław Baszko, the then-Marshal of the Province. At the meeting, Mr. Baszko stressed that the Local Government’s present contract with Budner is definitely beneficial for the Province: “The Voivodship and PKS [Nova] will make no cash contribution to the project whatsoever”, he emphasised.

PKS Nova’s Cezary Sieradzki made a point that the new terminal will reduce the expenses borne by his enterprise, be it rental of office space for their administrative purposes. PKS Nova would also count for more passengers to pass by and get served as well as for benefits from rental of coach plots to private carriers. Lastly, the aesthetic value of the building and safety of travellers are no less important.