Proven and trustworthy investor and developer

With twenty-five years of industry experience, we have developed an established image of proven and trustworthy investor and developer. Experience, trustworthiness and innovative approach are our distinctive qualities.

Sales of flat

Gdańsk, ul. Niepołomicka
Słoneczne Wzgórza,
Gdańsk, ul. Mariana Kołodzieja 53
Oliva Koncept,
Gdańsk, ul. Karwieńska
Star Tower, Gdańsk,
ul. Starowiejska

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We buy land

Aware of how crucial the attractive location is for a successful investment project, we spare no efforts so that our projects correspond, to a highest degree possible, to the needs of future users. We place a bet on maintaining adequate quality of delivery and service, these having been BUDNER Group’s showcase for years.

Budner Inwestycje

Al. Niepodległości 18
02-653 Warszawa